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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Innovative Technology and Gadget Predictions For 08

Technology and Gadgets we had so many new innovations last year. What kind of gadgets and Technology can we expect this year?

We have seen advancements to the iPhone, Zune, Ipod and the recent development of the 150-Inch HDTV Here are my predictions of New gadgets and Tech advances for 2008.

iphone or a iphone clone will come up with a thinner lighter model using the new ultra-thin battery technology. The iPhone always seemed a little heavy to me.

The Ipod line-up will be given wireless technology so you may download your favorite songs and videos anytime anyplace. Possibly, be able to send and receive your music and videos among all your other wireless enabled devices.

Stem Cell Technology will advance to a point where it can be used to correct defects in the living human body due to accidents.

Hydrogen Fuel research moving ahead at the fastest rate ever. With the development of extracting Hydrogen from so many sources, including aluminum alloy and other useless stuff on the planet who needs gasoline or even wants it anymore due to global warming and other issues. Besides, your going to have to buy a new car someday!

Hand-Held Gadgets We should see a stronger demand for products that are hand-held to do more than just one thing and be fully functional doing them such as the iPhone and others. We could merge all our devices into one hand-held unit. Possibly open source for these products so we can make them do what we need even for the novice.

With the rapid advancement of Flat Panel Technology size going to 150-Inches we should see the price of Flat panels drop substantially over the next year. For those who waited, they are going to be a buy.

I'm going to wrap up at this point. Do you have any tech and gadgets you have been following you feel will be advancing this year? With the rapid rate of Tech and Gadget advancement we just might see a whole lot of things we did not expect this year.