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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coating Makes Any Handheld Device Waterproof

Soon you will be able to use any electronic device underwater your iPhone, Ipod, Zune anything you like! With the aid of a spray on coating developed by by the military.

This coating was originally designed to make cell phones and other gadgets waterproof, protect troops from chemical attacks.

Now cell phone companies are requesting that their phones be made waterproof. Reason, there have been so many claims for cell phone insurance because of the phone that was accidentally dropped in the toilet, Drink or sink, it would be a way to save a lot of money in replacements.

Before I wrote this and did my research, I thought to myself it would be very difficult to speak on a cell phone underwater. The shower however would be a different story, no avoiding a call any longer from your friends if in the shower.

The Tech developed involves a coating that is invisible to the naked eye and is chemically bonded to the surface of the device, It will prevent water from seeping in actually repelling it Preventing the device from becoming damaged

The Coating is called Ion-Mask and it was developed by The Ministry of Defense Scientists in the UK and have been approached by three different Cell Phone companies to use the coating on their products.

The way the technology works it bonds a coating to the device using plasma. Plasma is a gas that has been electronically charged. The properties of the chemical coating allow it to repel water.

This is not where the technology stops, We have been informed that the coating will soon appear on athletic equipment and clothing allowing it to have the same protective properties as the electronic gadgets coated with Ion-mask.

Finally, I wont have to worry about accidentally running my phone though the wash. that brings me to another thought, If I feel my phone is dirty I can run it though the washing machine!