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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shape-shifting robots Becoming Reality

Robots that use electromagnetic forces to cling together and become different shapes are being developed by US researchers.

The goal is to create swarms of microscopic robots capable of morphing into virtually any form by clinging together, such as in this video.

Seth Goldstein, who leads the project at Carnegie Mellon University, admits this is still a distant prospect.

However, his team is using simulations to develop control strategies for futuristic shape-shifting, or "claytronic", robots, which they are testing on small groups of more primitive, pocket-sized machines.

These prototype robots use electromagnetic forces to maneuver themselves, communicate, and even share power.

This is a pretty interesting new emerging technology with many future uses. I'm sure that the newest high tech devices in the future will use a lot of this. Turn your car into a outdoor picnic table and kitchen, change it into a small cabana for the beach how about turning it into a small room to spend the night while on the road. Pretty cool stuff for your newest high tech dreams if your into micro robotics.