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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Careful, There could be an IPod in your Popsicle

After some 20 odd years Brazilian ice-cream company Kibon decided to actually put the prize right into the Popsicle a Ipod Shuffle with its "iPod no palito" promotion! Kibon wanted a new way to market their products instead of the same old redeemable coupon inside the wrapper., Kibon ice-cream company decided to actually go over the top by putting the actual prize inside thousands of specially manufactured frozen Popsicle's!

The Popsicles are identical to the size, weight, feel and color of the real thing since they could not use real Popsicles since that would damage the Ipod Shuffle. The specially made Popsicles are then to be frozen with the Ipod Shuffles inside and distributed to retail outlets for consumers to buy. Now the catch, With the Kibon iPod shuffle promotion ready to go, The only problem left was how to get the manual and the charger to the consumer. It was solved by providing a 800 number and a redeem code to the prize winners. The best part : they will get a real Popsicle redeemable coupon in the package, same flavor as the fake one!

The Kibon ice-cream company promotions starts December, 18th but you will have to go to Brazil to take part in it, Thats right its summer over in Brazil the beaches are full of Beautiful people, Summer Sunshine, Kibon ice-cream treats and Ipod Shuffles!