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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple MacBook Air Plagued With Fatal Flaws

Apple MacBook Air Sleek, Thin, and cool laptop seems to have some major design flaws that also affected the iPhone and still affects the iPod.

MacBook Air is completely sealed. You can't open it to replace a failing battery, Ram or hard drive. The Apple employees stated that there will be a ton of devices and services to make up for the gap in the MacBook Air

To me, no amount of services or devices could help me if my MacBook Air battery has to be replaced while on the road. I mean really, what do you do if your on an important business trip and you're battery can't hold a charge and needs to be replaced? Ship it to Apple of course.

Something seriously to consider if you plan of using the MacBook Air for business, Since this bit of technology can't be fixed easily. Apple needs to come up with a better solution.