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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Check On Your Cars Status A Mile Away With Your Smart Phone

Your iPhone, Blackberry or any Smartphone in the near future can be used just like one of those high Tech gadgets from the James Bond films.

Delphi has worked on the concept of smart key flobs. With this technology you're Blackberry, iPhone or any type of Smartphone can be used to monitor your automobile.

Your smart Phone is used to link into your Key Flob with Bluetooth Technology, from there your Key Flob communicates with your car from up to a mile away.

The functions of this new technology are extremely powerful and can locate your car up to a mile away. If you’re concerned someone might have broken into the car you can tell if they are laying down in the back seat waiting for you before you get to the car.

If it’s cold or hot outside, you can turn on the engine, crank up the air conditioning or heat, see the temperature rise or fall inside the car right from your smart phone, you can even just roll down the windows if you like.

Delphi showed the program can monitor tire pressure, see if you have enough gas in the tank for the drive downtown, and even tell you the condition of your brake fluid and oil. Families, Outside Sales Reps, single woman and James Bond aficionados will love the remote features. Right now this is a working concept that we should see released in the near future

Technology is finally catching up to those old James Bond flicks after all.