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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I was really enjoying myself when!

Heck, now they really went and pissed me off!
I recently Bought the full blown registered version of Morpheus. I was really enjoying myself downloading and sharing file's after a week I was told there was a new version of the software 5.0 and to download it from Softwrap the people that sell and distribute the Morpheus program.

I thought Hmm, a new version and got excited about what new features would be available. I ran the install the program when to run and then errored out saying "inconsistent File's" nice now the program I paid for does not work. I looked all over the Morpheus site for a solution after all someone else must have had this problem! No such luck, no answer to be found!

I read my email from when I purchased the program from softwrap and it told me to contact them directly and not to contact the author of the program directly for installation issues. So I emailed them with my problem return receipt. My emails are being read apparently but to date almost one week now I have not had a response from them and I have not been able to use the program I paid for. Do you think this is grounds for a charge back?