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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cyber Contacts - Terminator Type Visual Display

Cyber Contacts - Super Human Vision on the way, imagine being able to instantly create cross-hairs, have pertinent data show in your line of sight or be able to zoom in on someone miles away with your eyes so closely that you can read their lips.

Engineers at the University of Washington have used for the first time a manufacturing process at the microscopic level to combine a biologically safe flexible contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lit display with a lot of little lights, new tech extreme!

When you look though the completed lens, you see what the display is generating and the world around you right though the superimposed display. while the development of this contact is a very small step toward a finished product. I feel it's a very big step for nano technology, since the way it's made is incredible using self assembling nano technology in a contact that's safe for the eye.

The only problem I see here is getting it to communicate with something... I'm sure a mini-cord hanging out of each eye would be unacceptable, possibly though some type of Bluetooth technology?