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Monday, October 15, 2007

A All Hour Locksmith RipOff

These Delray Beach Locksmiths are a total rip off. First off they quote a service call rate of $45.00 to come out then when they get there . They say the service call is $65.00 They quote whats called a senior rate to everyone.

I needed 3 Locks re keyed and in most cases as well all know its normally $10.00 to $20.00 to get a re key per lock. I asked him how much it would be on arrival and he said he did not know and would have to look at the locks. I had my hands full while he was looking at the locks and when he came back said All Done and it was $260.00. Thats 65.00 a Lock x3 plus the $60.00 service fee.. Minus the 20% discount coupon. I would say I got Hosed

He did the work without any type of estimate. A All Hour Locksmith Is truly one Delray Beach Locksmith you never want to use. I called the main office to complain about it and never got a return call. I called a week later and they sid thats what they charge.. Why would anyone want to pay that 3x the amount to change a lock when you can just get a whole new lock for that amount..

Warning! Do not USE this Locksmith Service in delray beach Florida!