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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Get Your Panasonic 150 inch Plasma Screen

It looks like Panasonic Breaks another milestone in plasma flat panel television technology. Panasonic has produced a 150 inch HDTV.

The HDTV features a crisp beautiful picture and all the bells and whistles you could ever expect. The 150 Inch Screen greatly exceeds the largest Plasma TV on the market today at just 103 inches.

Panasonic plans to bring the New Television to the Consumer Electronics Show "CES" to Las Vegas in January 2008 for it's grand debut.

The price of the new HDTV is expected to be vastly more expensive than the 103 inch Plasmas available for purchase today.

I just wonder how fast all the copycats will be coming out with larger televisions, Can anyone guess who will be first? Will it come to plasma projection? if there is such a thing.

Live video of the Panasonic 150 Inch HDTV Screen
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Robert Di-Salvo said...

Plasma TV

Mike said...

I thought my 37 inch Panasonic Plasma was big. WOW

That would nice if I can fit it someplace.

Robert Di-Salvo said...

Yeah they are getting a little crazy however if you can spend the money to get that plasma you must have a big house! :)

Chris Giles said...

If a 150 inch plasma can be made why not a 500 inch theater sized screen. I bet in a decade it will be done.