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Sunday, January 20, 2008

iPhone Like The Features - Dont Want AT&T, Work Around

As we know the iPhone is just filled with all sorts of great goodies. I don't like the idea of being forced to sign a 2 year contract to get a cool phone with all the handy applications I could use everyday.

This work around is not illegal and does not violate Apple or AT&T in anyway. Looking at the picture on the right, you would think that's a picture of Apples iPhone. It's not the iPhone it's the iPod Touch newest version of this gadget.

This new version of the iPod touch includes all the great applications and more of the iPhone. The only feature I can't do on the Touch that I love on the iPhone is text messaging, and that's because the Touch doesn't include a phone.

Let's take a deeper look here into the iPod Touch, The Touch like the iPhone can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Apple added every function that the iPhone has to the iPod Touch except the ability to connect to a Cellular network.

Four of the Touch's five new applications are Mail, Maps, Stocks and those applications only work when connected to the Internet. Also, improvements were made to existing Touch programs to take better advantage of Wi-Fi. For example, with Photos, I can E-mail a picture of my family to my friends in Australia from the Touch as on the iPhone.

One of the coolest features is Maps that now integrates with your contacts. The way this little feature works. You pull up a contact and tap on maps and it will give you step by step directions to travel there. Since the Touch is not GPS a rather interesting technology Called Wi-Fi positioning is used to find your location and then chart out the map.

Who needs to buy a contract anymore from AT&T, when you can now do it all from the iPod Touch.