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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Microsoft To Discontinue XP - Tell Them Not To

Microsoft To Discontinue Windows XP.

Microsoft has stated they will discontinue all support and updates of windows XP as of June, 30th 2008 basically, forcing you to upgrade to Windows Vista.

Apparently there is such a huge stir because of this in the business, home and development sectors an online petition has been set up. With so many petitioning Microsoft to keep supporting the XP OS from around the world.

After going though a lot of the comments on the petition site, I found that many businesses were complaining that they had custom applications written specifically to work with Windows XP. The upgrade would cost them a fortune, not only for the OS but in upgrades to their custom programs. While many home users are happy with the Windows XP OS and don't want to be forced to upgrade. Lets not forget to mention the technology and software involved in the handheld gadget market that cant be upgraded easily.

WinXP has become such a mainstay the reaction to Windows XP's impending termination to what happened in the 1980s when Coca-Cola replaced its classic Coke soda recipe with New Coke, causing substantial protests and forcing the corporation to bring support for the now-rechristened Coke Classic. "XP has come to the point of being Coke Classic." Keep WinXP from becoming extinct.


TrishaLyn said...

Whaaa!? That is ridiculous! I signed the petition :)

Daniel said...

Where I used to work, BEA Systems, we would maintain the previous FOUR major versions. People had software built to this platform and didn't want to update. It's reprehensible for Microsoft not to maintain even ONE version. They're big enough to afford it.

Anonymous said...

No problem, I silently had migrated to Mac... If Windows still insist, they had shooted their own food for... I don't know... many times! It's idiot stuborn. I ocasionally use pc just to say hello to you guys, maybe until this pc I am now using is dead, out of supports and by that time I will be fully a mac user.

IstariPhoenix said...

KEEP XP ALIVE!! Vista SUCKS, and here's why: 1) Incompatibility with GOBS of software – or it works but not quite the same, 2) Confirmation prompt after confirmation prompt, 3) Programs magically crash under Vista and not XP, 4) Requirement to seek permission from some mysterious administrator, when - OH WAIT - I AM the administrator!!!, 5) DreamScene makes computer (albeit a darn good one) freeze, 6) Inability to install fonts in bulk, 7) Folder settings resetting on their own CONSTANTLY, 8) Graphics editing programs suddenly can't handle large images anymore, 9) Printers cannot be found, 10) Difficulty visualizing what folder or files are highlighted in Windows Explorer, 11) Switching between Windows Explorer windows takes forever sometimes, 12) Internet Explorer suddenly doesn’t remember passwords or prompt to save them, 13) Desktop search function takes forever and is too complicated, 14) PDF Printer suddenly doesn’t work, 15) Network connectivity is CONSTANTLY lost...need I say more!?!?!?!