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Monday, January 07, 2008

W760 Sony Motion Sensing Gaming Phone

Sony Ericsson announces it new w760 Multimedia Motion Sensing Gaming phone with some really cool features.

The innovative W760 cell phone is a gadget meant to give a lot of features when gaming and for multimedia, it's loaded, this gadget also features tri-Mband HSDPA 3 G data. What this means it will work on AT&T's 850/1900MHz UMTS and also works on the 2100 MHz networks found all over the rest of the world. The Quad band support on the phone means you will never be without a frequency since the phone has GSM and EDGE support.

Some of the cool technology of the Ericsson W760 Cell Phone include what Sony calls "motion sensing" gaming" Its a feature that lets games be controlled by moving the phone rather than relying on pads and softkeys.

Playing games on the W760 can be played in landscape mode "My Preference" or in portrait mode. All the multimedia functions of the W760 can also work in both modes with the quick flip of a switch you can change the landscape.

Other features include, Stereo speakers, Google Maps and Wayfinder, plus a GPS built right in means you will never be lost again.

Other notable features include a 3.2 megapixel camera, FM radio, 1GB Memory stick and Sony Erickson's "tracker" Fitness program. Sony tells us the Walkman phone is to go on sale in the second quarter of the year.