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Friday, January 11, 2008

Samsung NV24HD - Hot HD 10Mp Camera

Samsung NV24HD, Hot HD 10Mp Camera.
A lot of work went into the technology to create the Samsung NV24HD camera and the many enhanced features added by Samsung.

The NV24HD camera allows you to shoot super crisp pictures in HD. Flip over to video mode, This NV24HD camera turns into a spectacular video camera that silently records your favorite moments in HD.

Samsung NV24HD -OLED
Pictures and videos that you shoot can easily be viewed on your big-screen Plasma or LCD HDTV with awesome high definition reproduction. One of the features I enjoy about the NV24HD, it comes with a remote so you can flip though the pictures and video on a Samsung compatible TV. The pictures and video of the NV24HD can also be viewed from the 2.5 Inch OLED screen that has been enhanced to provide a sharper clearer picture with a wider viewing angle.

Samsung NV24HD - Noise reduction and Stabilization
Samsung has added the technology in the NV24HD that gives you duel image stabilization, Advanced shake reduction "ASR" to 0.7 seconds, local contrast control, advanced noise reduction up to ISO 3200. These are some handy features, allowing you to take some of the crispest shots / Video for a camera of this price range.

Price about $299

I have been looking for a new camera for about 6 months now, The NV24HD will be on the shelves in March. I really like the features and the NV24HD is definitely the one for me.

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Zang said...

Hi Rob,

Have you got your PR upgraded? Mine's still the same; I wonder why.

ethanfahy said...

does anyone know when this is actually coming out in the states? it's listed on amazon, broadway photo, and, but they all say that it's on order, and since there aren't any customer reviews I assume nobody has gotten one yet. what's the deal? I really want one and I need a new camera in the next few weeks!