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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Killing Ifrit

Killing Ifrit

When you really need to do it!
You just gotta take it by the horns and rip away..
Kinda like this dull grating day!

Can you tell I'm kind of board?

Final Fantasy video game Rocks when you kill Ifrit

Saturday, October 01, 2005

402-572-7581 Stalker!

It all started one evening when I kept getting these creepy hang up calls to my answering machine from 402-572-7581 they continued for about a week or so, calling at all different hours. I figured whoever it was would get the hint and leave a message.. No such luck the strange, Erie and persistent calls continued.. Every time I tried to call the 402-572-7581 number back it was busy. Who is it and what did they want from me I kept asking myself.

After being a victim of a stalker for well over a year and that ended last year I was thinking could this be my stalker coming back yet again? Did she not learn her lesson from when she got caught? I decided to call my private investigator and put them on the job of who was behind the freaky calls from 402-572-7581.

As it turns out its a company that does appointment confirmation calls for many different companies to confirm anything from Furniture deliveries to your cable guy coming to your house. So if your getting strange calls from 402-572-7581 it really is nothing to worry about. I would think they should at least tweak their system to leave a message about what they are calling about instead of leaving no message at all.. This company is clearly creating a nuisance from all the people asking about 402-572-7581 on the Internet. Cant anyone put a regulation in place so the owners are required to leave a message from 402-572-7581 so people don't freak out.

Morpheus and Softwrap

Follow up to my dealings with Morpheus and Softwrap.. As Sad as they are.

I know in my last post I was upset that the new upgrade of Morpheus did not go well when I tried to install the new upgrade and went to run the program I just get a "softwrap Critical error" that says "inconsistent file size" and the program will no longer run. Softwrap finally responded to me telling me to get the latest version of their software and reinstall and if that did not work go to the Morpheus FAQ site and if nothing there worked to ask for a refund. Duh,, I already told them I got the latest version and was trying to upgrade and had already been to the FAQ site regarding the problem.

Well I took the time to write them back and explained I was told this is a softwrap install issue as everyone over at Morpheus explained. So I wrote them back about their error and how to fix it over a week later I still have had no response about this error or how to correct it..

To Explain why softwrap is involved apparently softwrap packages the install program and anti-hack security of the software that Morpheus makes.

Its really a sad affair when someone sells you something and just does not want to support it! Its not Morpheus fault but their distribution center Softwrap. I could not recommend them for distribution of my software or anyone else's for that matter.

I am in a bind.. If anyone has had this problem or has a fix for it please leave a comment on how to correct it. I was really enjoying the service until this happened..