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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bug Labs - Bugs Set Loose On the Net

Bug Labs sets the Bug loose on the internet with the announcement of the opening of its online store.

For those of you who have not been following the story, The Bug is a new tech erector set for the adult gadget lover. Get tired of the gadget you created just tear down the bug and build another gadget you can use. You can see The Bug demo video here.

I would like to mention that The Bug made quite an infestation sensation at CES when Bug Labs won the CNET Best of CES award for emerging technologies.

From what I hear, this might not be the best time to Purchase The Bug if you have no programming skills. The environment is ripe for the pickings however, if you have great skills and want to create code for the bug that others can use. "think Linux in the beginning" At the moment Bug labs is pretty much focused on building a developer community. Bug Labs intends to have huge library of cool applications for the Bug that will be instantly available for the novice.

If you're a programmer know Linux and Java, head over to The Bug Store and pick up the SDK & check out the modules. I am sure you will be quite impressed with the package.