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Saturday, January 12, 2008

3M Ultra Mini Video Projector - Size Of Your Thumb

3M Creates Ultra-Mini Mobile Video Projector.

It looks as though the R&D staff at 3M have been putting in lots of over time with this gadget. This little mini projector is designed to go into any type of handheld device.

The reasoning for developing a mini-projector was that so many of us now have access to online media. Our screens are just a little too small to share with a group.

3M came up with a concept, a tiny projector that will allow you to project a 40 inch or larger image on to any surface. You will get a no speckle and a very high fill factor image giving you superior picture.

The 3M ultra-mini projector is available at the moment and is less than a half an inch thick.
I believe it would be pretty safe to say, we will start to see this technology added to a lot of our handheld devices during the year.


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