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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hurricane Wilma The Big Storm

I stood outside during the second half of hurricane Wilma under a deck sheltered from the gusts that were over 100 miles per hour. I watched as fences broke free and debris and tree limbs flew overhead and small wild animals looked to my spot for shelter with terror in their eyes to afraid of me to come in. I would have done them no harm.

Day after hurricane Wilma.. Relief efforts yeah, really? There was not enough ICE to go round we sat on many different lines four days in a row waiting for ice so our food would not rot just to be turned away when Ice ran out. Why was their not better communication? Why did someone in charge not call for more ice when the first truck was half empty? We wasted gas just sitting there waiting. We never did get ice from one of those trucks. Day 5
after hurricane Wilma we finely got ice at Albertsons who price gouged us. $21.50 for 12 small bags of ice. No power for over 13 days and finely got gas on day 11 after hurricane Wilma.

Gov. Bush,

There had be a better plan in the future for wide spread devastation. If the state cant handle helping people in a major hurricane such as
hurricane Wilma and give the assistance that we so dearly pay for with our much needed tax dollars. What are you going to do for us if we get two of these in a year? There needs to be better planning for AID to the citizens of the state in the future for hurricanes like Wilma and not just forcing gas stations to carry generators. You need to make sure that everyone gets the necessities needed to survive and not just a handful! I love the news showing relief efforts and saying how everyone was being helped.. What a crock you could not even get ice for all who needed it and just made a lot of people waste precious gas waiting in line just to be turned away!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Killing Ifrit

Killing Ifrit

When you really need to do it!
You just gotta take it by the horns and rip away..
Kinda like this dull grating day!

Can you tell I'm kind of board?

Final Fantasy video game Rocks when you kill Ifrit

Saturday, October 01, 2005

402-572-7581 Stalker!

It all started one evening when I kept getting these creepy hang up calls to my answering machine from 402-572-7581 they continued for about a week or so, calling at all different hours. I figured whoever it was would get the hint and leave a message.. No such luck the strange, Erie and persistent calls continued.. Every time I tried to call the 402-572-7581 number back it was busy. Who is it and what did they want from me I kept asking myself.

After being a victim of a stalker for well over a year and that ended last year I was thinking could this be my stalker coming back yet again? Did she not learn her lesson from when she got caught? I decided to call my private investigator and put them on the job of who was behind the freaky calls from 402-572-7581.

As it turns out its a company that does appointment confirmation calls for many different companies to confirm anything from Furniture deliveries to your cable guy coming to your house. So if your getting strange calls from 402-572-7581 it really is nothing to worry about. I would think they should at least tweak their system to leave a message about what they are calling about instead of leaving no message at all.. This company is clearly creating a nuisance from all the people asking about 402-572-7581 on the Internet. Cant anyone put a regulation in place so the owners are required to leave a message from 402-572-7581 so people don't freak out.

Morpheus and Softwrap

Follow up to my dealings with Morpheus and Softwrap.. As Sad as they are.

I know in my last post I was upset that the new upgrade of Morpheus did not go well when I tried to install the new upgrade and went to run the program I just get a "softwrap Critical error" that says "inconsistent file size" and the program will no longer run. Softwrap finally responded to me telling me to get the latest version of their software and reinstall and if that did not work go to the Morpheus FAQ site and if nothing there worked to ask for a refund. Duh,, I already told them I got the latest version and was trying to upgrade and had already been to the FAQ site regarding the problem.

Well I took the time to write them back and explained I was told this is a softwrap install issue as everyone over at Morpheus explained. So I wrote them back about their error and how to fix it over a week later I still have had no response about this error or how to correct it..

To Explain why softwrap is involved apparently softwrap packages the install program and anti-hack security of the software that Morpheus makes.

Its really a sad affair when someone sells you something and just does not want to support it! Its not Morpheus fault but their distribution center Softwrap. I could not recommend them for distribution of my software or anyone else's for that matter.

I am in a bind.. If anyone has had this problem or has a fix for it please leave a comment on how to correct it. I was really enjoying the service until this happened..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I was really enjoying myself when!

Heck, now they really went and pissed me off!
I recently Bought the full blown registered version of Morpheus. I was really enjoying myself downloading and sharing file's after a week I was told there was a new version of the software 5.0 and to download it from Softwrap the people that sell and distribute the Morpheus program.

I thought Hmm, a new version and got excited about what new features would be available. I ran the install the program when to run and then errored out saying "inconsistent File's" nice now the program I paid for does not work. I looked all over the Morpheus site for a solution after all someone else must have had this problem! No such luck, no answer to be found!

I read my email from when I purchased the program from softwrap and it told me to contact them directly and not to contact the author of the program directly for installation issues. So I emailed them with my problem return receipt. My emails are being read apparently but to date almost one week now I have not had a response from them and I have not been able to use the program I paid for. Do you think this is grounds for a charge back?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Burger King Chicken Fries BK

Burger King Chicken Fries BK..

I would never buy this crap.. Simply being the commercial is totally annoying, brainless and unfit for adult television slots. it disturbs my day every time it plays with the obnoxious music made for a 16 year old audience.. BK your marketing director should be shot for this ad. Why did you not target better during children shows.. Instead of during adult themes and times.. The Strategy is more than stupid! This commercial makes me want to puke anytime I hear it..

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Golden Ring

One Day I reached Up High And Grabbed the Golden Ring,
Held On Till My Fingers Strained And Weakened.
I Fell back To Earth Fast and Hard.
Once More I reach Up And Feel The Ring At My Finger Tips.
How Will I Treat The Ring This time?
Will I hold It As Tight As I Can Till I Cant Hold On Any More?
No, This Time I Will Let The Ring Embrace Me.

This Work Is Copyright Of Robert Di-Salvo 2005
This work May not be duplicated , rewritten in part or whole or distributed without written consent

Thursday, March 17, 2005

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.


I have most of my stuff done now that I have pledged.. It's been really hard going to all those meetings and events. Not to mention the financial obligations involved. It's been tough but I'm Getting it all done! I did have a little time to relax however Friday night and really had a great time.

Our Little group went to Ft. Lauderdale to meet one of the girls boyfriends. Went to a place called Treasure Trove first stop! He turned out to be a really nice guy and invited myself and my two friends to go up to City Place in West Palm with them. We did not want to drive out that far so we took a break and the three of us went to dinner at a nice Italian place on the strip.

While myself and my friend where having a smoke outside some street vender became a little obnoxious. My friend Cindy is very attractive and the vender made a very inappropriate comment to her not realizing we were together. So off Cindy goes and gets the cop's and out he goes on his ear!! Went back in sat dawn for some more dinner. Meanwhile our friend that was inside had no idea what had happened outside I thought it was kinda funny that she was in there enjoying her glass of wine oblivious to the scene that had occurred outside. A lot more happened but I think I will keep that to myself today! Just felt like writing a little

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yahoo! Desktop Search Beta

Yahoo! Desktop Search Beta

This is definitely a must have!! I deal with a lot of people and information and sometimes things get lost. I have tried Many of the desktop search programs out there and none comes close to the Yahoo Version!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Women, Are they all Liars?


Something is definitly wrong with the women that I am meeting.
I am a pretty upfront guy and I would expect the same from someone else.
Before I even think about dating someone I ask a few simple questions

1. Do you have a boyfriend?
2. Are you married?
3. Do you have any kid's

And move forward from there.

After about a month of dating one woman I was in Vegas with her at the time. I get a call from a very upset husband saying please give me back my wife.. I told him no problem and sent her back on the first flight out.
Not only did she lie to me she was not married but also lied she had no kid's. "sickening"

I meet another things are going fine and I find out she has had the same boyfriend for 4 years and was just getting some from me on the side.

I know! Women are just all Liars!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I really am happy this year is over and I'm looking forward to a good positive New Year. It has not even been a week yet for the new years season and some really positive things are happening for me. So Happy about time!!

My Random thought for the day!
Choose Your Friends
don't Let Your Friends Choose You!