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Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Weird News Stories of 2007

The Last Day of the year is here and I just had to list the Top Weird News Stories of the year. After all this year has been filled with strange events in the news and also for myself. My Votes for weird stories are as follows.

Elderly man found dead in his home in front of TV. Whats so strange about that? He was sitting in front of that TV the authorities estimate for 5 years. That was the last anyone had seen him we thought he went to a retirement home said one of the neighbors. The man was perfectly preserved due to the marvels air conditioning and heating and auto debit.

In Moscow a Ex-Wife set fire to her husbands member as he was watching TV and drinking vodka in the nude. They were divorced three years ago, In Russia its very common for divorced couples to still live together. The man said "I was burning like a torch," He later said he did not know what he did to deserve it.

German bus driver tossed a twenty year old girl off his bus. He said she was too sexy for the bus. He complained that her breasts were too distracting every time he looked in the mirror and he could not focus on traffic.

The odor of death coming from an apartment in Germany lead neighbors to contact the authorities. The Police broke into a darkened flat, Instead of a body they found a sleeping man in bed with extremely bad smelling feet next to a pile of foul-smelling laundry.

In Beijings Public toilets "No more Crispy Duck" was allowed to be sold. The food stalls attached to Beijing's Public Toilets were banned just a little before the Olympics after all the complaints of toilets with poor sanitation.

Christopher Kelly on a night out with his friends Celebrating a Birthday in Morecambe, Lancashire UK. Christopher got totally plastered as he downed Vodka and Beer, Broke into a City Hall became nude and turned into a reaper that night.

That's all in closing this years weird news out. I hope that everyone is enjoying what I write each day, May your new year be happy, healthy , Full of life and happiness.