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Friday, December 28, 2007

5 Stupidest Crimes of 2007

I just had a write a review of the 5 Stupidest crimes committed this year in 2007. Here are a list of Favorites that most of these internationally made the news.

First Prize: The British Urinal Thief Remember him? he was caught on camera taking the urinal from a British pub and sneaking it out in his backpack. After the story became international he then turned himself into the police stating he just wanted it as a souvenir.

Second prize: Randy Galluzi, 38, of Long Island
Who tried to steal gasoline by using a power drill to access a gas tank and ended up blowing up four cars.

Third Prize: India Police, Bihar They charged and arrested a toddler with of all things "leading a group of rioters and opening fire at security personal" His parents disputed this could not be true about the 3 year old Raj Kumar because he was visiting grandma at the time of the riot. Police were so certain that they had their toddler, Uniformed officers came to his home to take him into custody.

Fourth Prize: Brian Poulin, 35, of Hebron, CT, Who obvioulsy drunk diailed 911 several times telling the operator he was out of beer and the police needed to bring him more. The police did show up Brian was charged with disorderly conduct.

Fifth Prize: Forrest Bissonnette, 27, Englewood, Co. he decided to rob a bank by handing over a note to a bank clerk written on what else but his own personal check!

Thats really all I could think of for the Stupidest Crimes of the year, But if you come up with some highlights that I did not include feel free to post them!


A u d e e said...

LOL, I guess only stupid people doing the stupid crimes...wonder if the criminals are superior the world would be like :p

Robert Di-Salvo said...

Yeah I would say it would be pretty scary.. Just happy that people with brains for the most part put it to good use!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. Stupid criminal stories never cease to amaze me. I remember years ago hearing about 2 men that robbed a convenient store and they waited until they were inside before putting their masks on...because they thought they might get caught if seen wearing the masks outside. So everyone was able to identify them later. Go figure. Thanks for sharing...I love reading fun and crazy real-life happenings.

Robert Di-Salvo said...

Now that's a riot!!.. I have to find that story someplace!n :)