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Friday, December 21, 2007

Hostage Taken, Ransom Demand, Pizzas?

A prison guard in Australia was taken hostage for two days when Twenty inmates at the Risdon Prison in Hobart, Tasmania, AU Surrounded and captured a guard in protest over the conditions at the maximum security prison.

Initially the prisoners made 24 demands to the prison, However they finally freed their hostage after agreeing to fifteen pizzas, Coke-a-Cola and garlic bread instead.

It would seem that "At midnight, the final hurdle with the prisoners was all they wanted was to be able to order pizza from prison and have them delivered. The guard negotiated out with the delivery of fifteen pizzas, Graeme Barber,
Tasmania's director of prisons said.

What happened to the guard? Sorry to say no pizza for him, He is recovering from the whole ordeal at home