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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bush Forecasts Storm To Hit US Economy Amazing!

Our US President George W. Bush said on Monday the US economy was basically sound but warned of "storm clouds" in the form of the Credit Crunch that might be busting the housing bubble.

I always felt George W. Bush was different and really not on track of whats truly going on in America. He goes on to speak about the housing bubble, what a joke it is when 1,336 foreclosed homes go up on the market in California and only 17 get sold despite lenders offering deeply discounted prices.

Bush, then goes on to say "This economy is pretty good. There's definitely some storm clouds and concerns, but the underpinning is good, and we'll work our way through this period,"

Bush's comments came as a defense of his economic policy. He also commented that he was concerned about the downturn in the once exploding housing market. He stated That a lot of homes were being built and all of a sudden less people were buying.

I believe that Bush has lost touch with the American people and the economy a long time ago.
I understand working my way out of my own situations, However this situation has been inflicted on all of us. While Bush profits and grows wealthier everyday the average American is struggling to put food on the table.

The economy has done nothing but go on a downward spiral since Bush has been in office. We are at a point now where so much liquidity and business has been taken out of the US economy we may see financial disaster on sharp increase. Lets look at the facts US bank failures on the rise, The decline in home values the worst ever seen since the Great Depression, The Price of food outrageous and let us not forget the price of fuel.

While the mortgage relief package that has been brokered by the Bush administration is likely to help some of those home owners in the future, it just might have come to late.

We all really have been though a lot over the last seven years with Bush in office The war, Our pockets being drained, tax cuts that did nothing but increase our national soaring debt.

At the risk of seeming overly pessimistic,I really doubt we have seen the worst of the economic downturn yet, we should take Bush's comment about storm clouds seriously as a preempt to disaster, You bet!

As Bush says "
we'll work our way through this period" I feel we as Americans are going to have to work our way out of Bush it's going to be a very heavy line that all of us Americans are going to have to pull together and work on.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am so glad that I can honestly say that I had absolutely nothing to do with this man being in office, not once, but twice. Would love it if only the Bush voters were affected by his ineptness, stupidity, deviousness and dishonesty. But, alas, the rest of us must also pay. And I, like you, think we will paying for a long time!

Robert Di-Salvo said...

You bet Patricia,, Its probably going to take a good 20 years to dig out of this one

FriedClyde said...

hey robert, why dont you put your ads in the post, if you dont know how ill show yah.

it has a much better ctr and the earnings shoot up quite a bit.

u know i being in india was amazed by the fact that bush was voted in again...i felt deeply disheartend as our world is getting destroyed due to him

Shirley said...

We democrats knew this was going to happen as soon as we found that the votes were "lost" or "taken away" from the state of Florida. If a man can't get into the White House honestly do you think he will run the USA in an honest way? And do you think this "oilman" cares that we have to pay an outrageous price for fuel when it lines his pockets with can add greedy to the ineptness,stupidity,deviousness, and dishonesty. Think about that next time you go to vote. Cars that run on air or get 50 MPG are being deny for sale in the USA. Wonder why?