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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dating 5 Types of Woman to Avoid

Dating & The 5 types of woman you want to avoid can be hard especially these days when woman have a good income and don't look to the support of a man. With dating stereotypes and roll models for woman such as Sex and the City and other fantasy filled media, Have seriously warped woman's perceptions about dating and how to treat a man. Guy's you seriously need to watch your back when dating new woman from outside your circles. You could end up with a Kumari Fulbright on your hands. Here are the Woman you don't want to date.

Miss Watch, Sure miss watch might be a hot sexy woman. She will walk right up to you with that alluring smile and twinkle in her eye that could just make you melt. When she does speak to you some of the first questions will be Nice Watch, What kind is it? Then into what do you drive. We all know this type of dating material if you fit her financial requirements your in like flint for dating her. Whats so bad about that you ask? Watch it, After she drains your wallet shes gone and so is your cash and maybe your watch! This type of girl is nothing but a hooker in disguise.

2. Miss Insecure, Dating her you will find, She is charming, caring, loving ,warm to the relationship in the beginning and will do anything for you at all. Then all her insecurities arise she then needs to know where you are every ten seconds because she is afraid you will leave her for someone else.

3. Miss Elusive, Dating her is frustrating as dating can get she is romantic however there is a dark side since she has been seriously hurt. At first she will show a lot of interest dating you then disappear just to reappear again. She has been damaged in the past she will most likely repeat this cycle over and over again with you or while dating another man. Her past experiences cause her to self destruct the loving relationship you thought you had & pull back when she is really feeling love for you!

4. Miss Control, The Craziest of all dating in my book. This woman will charm you and seem perfectly normal until she feels like she is completely in. Then she wants to control everything in your life from what you watch on TV, your friends and what you want to wear etc, etc.
when you speak up for yourself you have no rights oh and forget about making love.

5. Miss Ladies Night, Shes the type of girl who has spent all her life since she was able to drink or even maybe before that out at ladies night. You see her running with the same click all the time and possibly always with a different guy. Dating this girl is like dating a veteran dater or even a serial dater. She always has her eye out for the next cute guy. Don't waste your time dating a bar girl guys!

Yes, I know dating can be tough but why not make finding and dating your next Big Love a little less painless. I always hear woman say "I never can find a good guy" obviously its their behavior that's holding them back. Don't let your own bad dating mistakes hold you back from finding someone to love. Honestly think about it whats held you back in the past?


ModelElaine said...

I didn't know you were writing about dating. WOW! This is incredible! Absolutely fantastic!

On a side note, what category do I fit in?

Robert Di-Salvo said...

I like to write a little about everything. That's Why the name of this place here on the corner of the net.

Your a cutie, I cant put you in any of those categories since I have never met you in person. LOL