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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Law May Pass - Speak English Only

English only and that's it!

If Virginia has its way, House Bill 55 will make English the official Language and no state agency or local government will provide any information, Literature, Documents or any other written works in any other language other than English.

The House Bill 55 will make exceptions however for instruction, Police, health care, and of course court.

The bill has a lot of backing from anti-illegal immigration groups around the nation and stated that the new bill will help immigrants learn English faster and fit into the culture.

This is a very interesting topic to keep your eyes on. While I live down here in Sunny South Florida we have many people who speak no English at all, Some parts of Miami you are lucky if you find anyone who speaks English or willing to. Frankly, I find that rather upsetting sometimes when I am trying to get around. I remember after the Muriel boat lifts after many people became American Citizens the Muriels were trying to make a vote to get the street signs changed to English / Spanish. I have seen this is many other countries but never here in the United States.

I find this story very interesting , Does House Bill 55 violate the constitution in any way?