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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Grim Reaper Loses Own Head

Out to party with the boys never fearing death or thoughts of becoming a Grim Reaper as the night wore on. Unless, your Christopher Kelly on a night out with his friends in Morecambe, Lancashire UK. Christopher got totally plastered as he downed Vodka and Beer, Broke into a City Hall and then soils himself.

It seems that Christopher got separated from his group while celebrating a friends birthday. At some point he walked onto a beach and became stuck on something in the sand where he lost his shoes, pants and his jacket.

He then wobbled to the City Hall found a open window and rummaged though some of the offices until he found a cell phone, That He tried to use to call his friends. Right about that time he soiled himself forcing him to remove his underwear leaving him totally in the nude. You would think it couldn't get any worse than that, Think again, He rummaged though a few more offices until he found a grim reaper costume and put it on to clothe himself. He stumbles out of city hall and goes to the police station that was not manned at the time forcing him to wait three hours dressed as the grim reaper on the front stoop.

When the police arrived to enter their station they found the Grim Reaper "Christopher Kelly" waiting on the stoop. Where apparently he told official's his fateful story.

As the story was told in court one officer had to leave the room for uncontrollable laugher Christopher Kelly was given a six month probation term for burglary after admitting that he entered City Hall without permission.