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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dating The Perfect Person By Matching DNA, What Next?

Just when we thought the onslaught of On-line Dating sites could not possibly come up with anymore ways to usher in the lonely singles of the world. A New site Springs to life offing you a way to find Literally "Your Perfect Mate". How can this be? We already have a eHarmoney that matches on 24 dimensions and other select criteria.

It would appear another on-line dating service has taken it a step beyond this compares the DNA of its customers promising an out of this world sex life and super healthy childern to the couples genetically matched. Don't like the opposite sex? Scientific Match even offers same sex genetic matches.

Scientific Match also offers filtering criteria for your new genetically matched date, such as if you were not raised by your natural parents in the firs two years of your life their DNA match probably will not work "Study based on Mice" If you are a felon they will let you sign up however you will have a Equivalent of a Scarlet letter on your profile.

Scientific Match will help you find your Perfect "genetic match" by analyzing their DNA and recommending dating a partner that has a different immune system genes than yourself the membership to join this site is about $2,000 a year USD.

This all seems to be quite interesting to me, while at the same time I scratch my head thinking I can have a match on a genetic level where does it say I would find them physically attractive?


ModelElaine said...

Here is a perfect solution: A woman should have great genetics; A woman should be sexually attractive. As long as these two women don't know each other, you are in good shape. Just kidding.