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Monday, December 24, 2007


The Toadies are back! The Toadies Rock and Rolled the ladder to fame in the early 90’s when their album, Rubberneck, went platinum when two smash singles “Possum Kingdom” and “Tyler” hit the population. We have had to wait a whole seven years for their next album,
Hell Below/Stars Above to be released.

Here is Some band Bio:
Shortly thereafter, bassist Lisa Umbarger quit the band. The remaining members played a few farewell shows, before going their separate ways. Vocalist Vaden Todd Lewis started a new band, The Burden Brothers, drummer Mark Reznicek began playing with Eleven Hundred Springs and guitarist Clark Vogeler moved to LA to start a career in film.

It wasn’t until 2005 that the Toadies got together again for just one show on St Patrick's Day in Dallas. In 2006, The Toadies reunited
once more with all their shows being sold out in Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Clark Vogeler says, “The fan response really surprised us all. I had no idea that people would show up in the numbers that they did. Clearly, people still wanna see a Toadies show.” Lewis adds “ After the first show, we started getting more offers for the Toads.

Lets Face it: The Toadies will always be popular with people that already like them. I also have noticed a lot of younger people going back to 80's and nineties rock bands since I think the new stuff just does not do it for most people out there.


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Anonymous said...

New Toadies?

Check out these vids I found.

HR said...

Quite possibly. They've a tour in June to do TX and East Coast.

6/20 - San Antonio - Sunset Station

6/21 - Fort Worth - Ridglea Theater

6/24 - Atlanta - Masquerade

6/25 - Washington DC - Black Cat

6/26 - NYC - Bowery Ballroom

6/27 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East Underground

6/28 - Philadelphia - Trocadero

Robert Di-Salvo said...

I really wish they would make it to South Florida.. I really want to see them live

Anonymous said...

We have PROOF!!! The Toadies are in the studio. Check out this video.