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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Newest High Tech Gadget "The Bug" To be Released

New high tech gadget or should I say tech gadgets have arrived. A system Called "The Bug" made by Bug Labs will start shipping in the beginning of the year

The Bug is centered around a unique gadget base system and a bunch of high tech ad-on modules that will allow you to create your own fun gadgets.

Basically, this is a new tech erector set for the adult gadget lover. Get tired of the gadget you created just tear down the bug and build another gadget you can use. Get tired of the GPS you made, Rip it down and make a card reader, TV Tuner, Or even a solar panel or how about a digital camera, or motion detector.

Maybe you want to combine a radar detector, GPS and wireless modem and put the whole gadget in your car. Lets Say your new high tech gadget you built when it detects a radar trap, The Bug you created could even post that information to a online map and a whole lot more.

Bug Labs will even publish the open source specs allowing anyone to build and sell their own modules.

To Bug labs, Thank you Mr. Peter Semmelhack and team for creating a most unique electronic gadget ever to hit the market.

I really think its a great concept because so many of the every day gadgets we use have the electronics right inside to do multiple tasks however up until this time I have not seen to many that do.