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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Japanese Minister "Army Must Deal With Godzilla"

The Japanese government Has stated that the armed forces must fight Godzilla If he reaps carnage.

The wild comment was made by the defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba after debating all week on the existence of flying saucers and if they pose a risk to the Japanese people.

The Japanese have also been debating what makes a UFO fly however they are having a hard time deciding if the UFO's are making a encroachment of their airspace. said Mr Ishiba

Mr Ishiba then proceeded to tell the news conference that: If Godzilla did show up, it would be a dispatch for disaster relief."

His comments came after the top government officials were asked if they had any conflict about the demand that the government confirm the existence of UFO's.

All I can say it must be fun to live in a country without war and talk about UFO's and Godzilla and finding proof of UFO's. Kinda reminds me of the time way back when, We used to talk about Bill and Monica.