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Saturday, April 19, 2008

True Human Cyborgs - Closer To Reality

True Human Cyborgs now becoming a reality in the near future.

Researchers at Osaka University Medical School neurosurgery in Japan are now coming closer to creating mind controlled robotic limbs and other attachments. The researchers are doing this amazing feat by actually placing sensors directly on the brain tissue of the subject to read the thoughts and create the movement of the limbs.

The research marks Japan’s first foray into invasive (requiring open-skull surgery) brain-machine interface research on human test subjects. The aim of the research is to develop real-time mind-controlled robotic limbs.

To date, the researchers have worked with four test subjects to record brain wave activity generated as they move their arms, elbows and fingers. Working with Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, the researchers have developed a method for analyzing the brain waves to determine the subject’s intended activity to an accuracy of greater than 80%. The next step is to use the data to control robot arms developed by the University of Tokyo.

From my Random Thoughts:
Could we possibly be on target to create real remote controlled humans much like Darpa's Cyborg moths?


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