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Friday, April 11, 2008

Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard-Rules

Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard, has the same great touch response and attractive, helpful illumination. Now Saitek has outdone itself with the Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard reaches to a new height of back lighting coolness, giving you control of not only the intensity of its three colors, but the ability to mix them together into hues no sane designer would dare choose.

You can also set the Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard up to independently light up commonly-used gaming keys, and if you tend to bang away at Eve Online or WOW all night long, there are metal-plated keycaps on those gaming keys that can withstand even the most spirited pounding. You can also program the system for multiple rapid key presses, letting you shoot faster than any human ever could.

The keyboard's fully-programmable custom preferences are saved for your next re-boot. Thats a lot of keyboard for a super low price.