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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nokia Tube - Will It Crush Iphone

Nokia has given its touchscreen phone an early name of the Tube and full demo, Nokia Tube was revealed at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference.

Nokia at the Redwood City-based event said its first touch device is internally known as the Tube and is said to be visually similar to the iPhone. However, the Finnish handset is already known to add features that its Apple competitor lacks, including the ability to directly upload videos as well as support for Java-based apps.

Neither additional features or a release date have been released, though Nokia has demonstrated the Tube playing Disney films the Third and last year showcased a likely related concept that includes iPhone-like photo navigation and an accelerometer that auto-rotates the image depending on the phone's relative position to the user.

Nokia VP Tom Libretto directly compared the Tube to the iPhone and explained that both features as well as sheer market influence would help Nokia outmuscle Apple. The latter has shipped 4 million iPhones as of January but is dwarfed by Nokia's sales, which saw 133.4 million phones shipped just in the fourth quarter alone. Apple is simply can not match that production scale, according to Tom Libretto

"We've done that [iPhone level of volume] since we've left the office on Friday," Libretto says.