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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stupid Crook Accidentally Puts Loot Back In Owners Hands

Here we go, First nomination this year for stupid crimes.

Three days after taking a rare collection of coins, a crook in Germany took them to the bank for safe keeping - and delivered them into the hands of the person he had taken them from.
"I really don't think the crook was expecting this," said a spokesman for police in the western city of Dortmund on Tuesday.
Soon after the crook made the deposit, a bank vault keeper handling the coins recognized them as the set worth some $80,000 that had been taken from his home.
Police tracked down the 36-year-old suspect and arrested him, finding a swag of other stolen goods in the process.
Ha, talk about losers!!


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Sangeeta Sinha said...

Don't say 'stupid crook'; say 'foolish crook' who tried to be wise for a change and lost everything in the process. Poor, poor devil!!

Robert Di-Salvo said...

Ahh, you do have a way with words Sangeeta!

Theresa H. Hall said...

To COIN a phrase ... He didn't know what he was doing.