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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Liquid Cooled Racing Shirt - Keeps Racers Cool

Cool Shirt is a really cool shirt to wear under your racing suit. I decided to write about this hardly known gadget from my years of racing experience.

When I had started racing porches back in 99 in sunny south Florida , The heat was so intense on Sebring, Homestead raceways that I felt I was in a convection oven soon as I got in the car.

My crew worked out a solution from Cool Shirt, This shirt has two plugs attached to it, One for input of cold water and one for output of the water warmed by your body - that would then be recirculated to a water tank in the car that would be cooled by dry ice or a more modern version refrigeration tank.

I would just plug it in and it felt like I had a nice cold running shower all over my upper torso. What a relief, I was now able to concentrate on racing - get less fatigued and push harder than ever.

On a random thought, I will mention the main unit is even capable of pushing cold air though a wide hose that will attach to a racing helmet keeping the air icy cold around your head!