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Sunday, April 13, 2008

52LG50 Hot LCD Flat Panel TV Brings It In Clear

52LG50 Hot LCD Flat Panel TV Brings It In Clear.

When it comes to a clear picture and great sound the LG 52LG50 delivers with its invisible speakers and 1080p full HD resolution.

The AV Mode optimizes the picture into Cinema, Sports, and game Mode according to the video and audio content. The viewer has the ability to quickly choose the correct mode for the picture they are viewing.

The LG 52LG50 includes a inteligent sensor system, unlike other sensors which can only sense brightness of ambient light, LG’s “Intelligent Sensor” uses 4,096 sensing steps to evaluate its surroundings. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the LG processes picture quality elements including brightness, contrast, color, sharpness and white balance. The result is a picture optimized for it’s surroundings, more pleasing to watch and which can also save up to 50% in power consumption.

Automatically enhances and amplifies the sound of human voice frequency range to help keep dialogs audible when background noise swells.

This television was amazing to watch and listen to, you wont be disappointed.


JOY said...

we got LG too and it's really cool..thanks for dropping my page Robert. Take care ur eyes even you have lots time blogging. Take vitamin E and C. Take time to look far once in a while. don't stay focus for long hours. Me I don't have problem with but just need to protect it thats why got glasses. I don't wash my face immediately after using lappy.

axileon said...

hey robert.. thanks for dropping by my coffeetable blog... i have 1 by samsung.. looks pretty normal for me but the image quality is not really fantastic....

Toshiba laptop lcd screen said...

This is how shall I say.... A product that I would most definitely love to have around the house, I mean it is beneficial.. Am I right or Am I Right?! Whether some may agree or not, it doesn't bug me to enjoy the company of one of these :)
If everybody has them, I think I should have the opportunity in luxuriating myself with the presence of making this my present! Gotta say, its mainly because how well you've explained everything !!!
It's a great gift except for sometimes, but hey it surely does re-coupe and make up for boring and lost times..