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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sQuba Submarine Car - Secret Underwater Program

sQuba Submarine Car - Secret Underwater Program.

The pioneering Swiss car designer Frank Rinderknecht has created the sQuba, a vehicle that can go on land, sea and beneath the surface.

In the movie The Spy who loved me, James Bond, played by Roger Moore, avoids the grasp of the ominously large bad guy "Jaws" by driving his Lotus Esprit Turbo into the ocean.

Just like its inspiration, the sQuba is built on the chassis of a Lotus.

Knowing it would be too hard to make a car totally watertight, Rinderknecht designed the sQuba to be open roofed.

If driven into water it will float and operate as a boat.

Two propellers positioned on both sides of the rear plate push it along.

Hit a button and the car will dive.

Under water, one of its three battery powered engines sucks in water through the car's front and pumps it out of the rear jet.

Pretty Cool automobile check out the video below


mwaybob said...

I must own one of these

two if possible