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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby Sea Ray That Smiles Makes A Hit At Aquarium

The Smiling Baby Sea Ray has really wowed the tourists at a UK Hampshire aquarium.

The month old thornback sea ray is only about 12 centimeters long and hatched from a egg known as a mermaids purse.

The sea rays are part of a captive breeding program at the Blue Reef Aquarium at Southsea, Hants, UK.

All the faces of the babies are very distinctive while this little sea ray appears to be smiling its not actually making a smile. They have been compared to aliens or even people one is said to look like George W. Bush!

Thornback sea rays are common in British waters and have prickly short spines on their backs.
The baby sea rays when large enough will be released into an adult captivity tank with other adult rays and sharks.


Theresa H. Hall said...

What a charming child.

Robert Di-Salvo said...

Thank you she/he is just so cute I wish the little one was mine!!