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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spy Satellite Taken Down - Where will the debris fall?

Spy Satellite Taken Down - Where will the debris fall?

I really am not one for conspiracy theories at all. Then again one needs to think, There have been some strange events over the past week.

1. A strange meteor flies across the sky and hits someplace in Washington state. This was seen by many people plus an airline pilot who's name was never disclosed. This happened the day before the satellite take down. No follow up stories after that.

2. Our Marines take down a spy satellite we own on the night of a full lunar eclipse. ( would like a refund for this bad product by the way) During the fullest phase of the lunar eclipse.

3. We are talking Spy Satellite here think about it, this machine is probably protected to the hilt from capture, anti-tampering devices that can possibly harm a large population.

I agree here that the satellite should be taken down since there are many unknowns about it to protect people. However, how safe is the falling junk and what type of contamination is possible?

Is it entirely possible some of the other countries feel that they have a right to complain? They just might know a little more than we do when it come to these gadgets and gizmo's.

Where will the debris land who will have to breath it in and live with it?


doug said...

When I first heard about this I was thinking "no way in hell they're going to hit that thing with a rocket". But to my surprise the government actually did something right for a change. One thing about America, if we see something we don't like we'll just blow it up. As for the particles I read they would disintegrate upon entry although I'd rather a piece of metal hit my house than a whole satellite.

Robert Di-Salvo said...

LOL leave it to the Marines to get the job done! I agree it was pretty awesome that they got it first shot.

They did it pretty much by pure calculation since it was a COLD target. I would have to agree that it was an amazing feat.