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Monday, February 04, 2008

Humanoid Robot Actually Plays Violin

Humanoid Robot Actually Plays Violin And a Two Wheeled People mover.

Toyota launched their latest feats in robotics and technology. I found it very interesting how well the robot plays however, I wonder if it can play anything else?

I really think this little robot would make an excellent companion for the elderly or great live background music for the home.

Toyota also showed a two-wheeled human transporter -- the latest products of Toyota's robotics program that seeks to develop a practical human assistance robot


Mike said...

Hello from New York! The japanese are great with coming up with all this stuff. They got some really fun things in Japan that never make it here. Really cool.

Robert Di-Salvo said...

Greetings Mike from the land of Sunshine! Yes, a lot of good stuff that really does not make a whole lot of sense to the people here. However the Japanese are trying to take care of a vast elderly population. I think we will start to see a lot of robotics in about ten years starting to hit our market. We are going to have a severe nursing shortage.