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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Backup-Pal - The First Universal Backup and Restore for Any Cell Phone

Backup-Pal - The First Universal Backup and Restore for Any Cell Phone.

Cell phones no longer serve as just communication devices - they are largely used as address books, calendars and organizers. As cell phones become more extensively used, the data carried within your cell phone becomes more valuable for you to protect it is extremely viable. This is where Backup-Pal comes in.

In the USA about 37.5 million - 20% of cell phones are lost, stolen, damaged or tossed into a lake by a jealous girlfriend like mine was. According to most people, the most serious problem resulting from phone loss, theft, damage or Ex-girlfriends is not replacing the phone itself, but replacing the contacts stored in the cell phone. With over 1.8 billion cell subscribers worldwide, a simple backup with the ability to instantaneously backup cell phone contact data without the use of a computer or software is awesome, Backup-Pal Fills the void.

When a cell phone is lost, you lose contact; the whole world stops. Getting in touch again requires calling, emailing and using any means necessary to gather contact information from business relations, friends and family. In many instances, important numbers are lost, leading to potential social disasters and lost business opportunities. Backup-Pal protects against just that.

The best thing about Backup-Pal, I can now buy a new phone and not have to worry about manually inputting all 375 of my contacts one by one I just push a button and Backup-Pal does the rest!