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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Record And Playback Anyones Dreams In Full Detail

A first-generation commercial brain-computer interface (BCI) is being released by Emotiv Systems later this year. What does the future hold for BCI?

By 2050, and likely sooner, you will be able to buy a BCI device that records all your dreams in their entirety. This will be done in one of two ways. One method would be to use distributed nanobot technology less than a micrometer in diameter to spread throughout the brain and monitor the activation patterns of neurons.

By this point, cognitive science will have advanced enough to know which neural activation patterns correspond to which sensory experiences. This has already been done with cats (using electrodes, not nanobots), where researchers led by scientist Garrett Stanley were able to extrapolate what a cat was seeing merely by monitoring the neurons of its visual cortex.

You will now have the ability to record and playback your dreams by using this gadget (with smell, touch, and visuals. I would really hate to see someone hack my system and view my dreams, kind of a scary thought. However it just might create a whole new venue of entertainment as well, award winning Dreams sold like a DVD of today however with full detail of scent, touch and smell.