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Sunday, March 30, 2008

MindMentor Robot Psychologist Cures Your Mind

MindMentor is here to save the day. People affected by emotional problems are often reluctant when they’re told to see a psychologist. Now, they can confidentially consult online MindMentor, the first robot shrink. It will cost them about $8.00 for one hour session. MindMentor was developed by two Dutch psychologists specialized in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The system was tested on 1,600 ‘customers’ from ALL over the world and 47% of them said they were satisfied after only one session. I haven’t tested the system myself, but one thing is really interesting. Instead of looking at a database, MindMentor uses a personal process to discover the right solution for you.

Can an interactive session with an artificial intelligence robotic shrink be successful? The two psychologists think so. “Some psychologists thought it was impossible — and some still think so — but it actually works. People solve their problems and attain their life goals with MindMentor’s help. In 2006, Hollander and Wijnberg did a test-run with 1600 clients from all over the world. Results showed that MindMentor was able to solve the problems for 47% in just one session, a score that any real life psychologist would be proud of.”

Lori A. Walters a client and test subject said MindMentor helps you uncover unconscious knowledge. “Your unconscious mind is a warehouse full of useful knowledge. Through his colleague RoboRorschach, MindMentor helps you uncover information that you have on a deeper level. He shows you pictures and has you describe what you think and feel. First, this helps you understand some deeper aspects of your problem. Later on, this ‘projective work’ gives you a deeper understanding of the solution you have found.”

The MindMentor process takes about an hour, Many people think that MindMentor has a database with a list of problems and solutions. People think that when you enter your problem, MindMentor looks up the right solution from his list. But that’s not how he works. MindMentor guides you through a series of steps to help you find solutions within yourself. Psychologists have found that your own solutions are more effective than other people’s advice, no matter how well meant. MindMentor starts this process by asking you what problem you’d like to work on.

Pretty fascinating results of this gadget and for the price, who could not use an hour a day with a system that works.