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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marion Hyper-Sub - a Cool Submersible Powerboat

The Marion Hyper-Sub is a true submersible powerboat, an innovation of new vessel flexible design. This powerboat / submarine has the ability to skim across the surface at exhilarating speeds. The Marion Hyper-Sub is the first small craft built with the horsepower and range to allow operation on-top of the high seas. The Marion Hyper-Sub also functions as a self-charging, autonomous, one-atmosphere submarine.

The patented design, which was 31 years in the making, will forever enhance the mini-sub industry. The worlds first true general-purpose submarine.

The Marion Hyper-Sub sports such safety features as an pressurized passenger compartment is accessed through a top hatch, which is four feet above water level reducing the chance of the craft being swamped in rough weather. With the hatch closed in a storm, the Hyper-Sub is actually safer than a boat. It can even right itself if inverted. The compartmentalized ballast system has such a high lifting capacity that the Hyper-Sub can suffer a 12 ton loss of buoyancy before losing its ability to surface. That means you will always make it to the top!