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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Worlds Smallest Fuel Cell Only 3x3 MM

Worlds Smallest Fuel Cell Measures only 3x3 mm:

Check out the world’s smallest fuel cell. You can see it on the right; it's dimensions are only 3 mm x 3 mm x 1 mm. Researchers at the University of Illinois have done all the work for the development of this high tech fuel cell, that consists of just a few materials: water, metal hydride, some electrodes and a membrane.

The cell you see makes 0.7 volts and a 0.1 milliamp current and runs for about 30 hours, which is pretty long given the size of the cell. You can imagine that 0.7 volts and 0.1 milliamp current are not enough to power any high tech gadget of yours, however this is the first step in development.

The technology is good for mobile electronics such as smart phones since it does not use gravity to control the flow of water. Instead it uses surface tension and will work to charge when the device is moving.

USB Lunch Warmer For The Office

We’ve all seen tons of useless USB gadgets and not too many of them worth a darn. This high-tech USB powered lunch bag / warmer is actually bringing some benefit to the workplace. You take your food from home in the combo lunch box /warmer, plug it into your USB port of your workstation computer and by lunch time you have a nice warm meal. This is great for the people that only have a thirty minute lunch break. Thanko is the manufacturer product cost is $22

(via Gadgetreporter).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

WII Controller Causes Heart Attack To Puppy

A puppy has been brought back from Cardiac Arrest by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – after it was nearly put out by a flying high tech Nintendo Wii controller.

The Five month old puppy, a miniature Sheltie belonging to Kathy White of Marquette MI, was knocked out and stopped breathing after White accidentally hit him with the Wii controller while playing Wii Bowling.

Kathy had just gotten the Wii for Christmas, so she was trying it out, and that's when we were were bowling and my puppy was standing by me and he jumped up and I hit him in the temple and thought I had taken him out instantly.'

Fortunately for the puppy, Kathy's neighbor came to her aid – and managed to bring him back from the the departed by giving him mouth-to-mouth.

He was then taken to a local vet, where he was treated for cardiac arrest and severe brain swelling. It's taken him several weeks to recover, but according to Kathy, he's almost back to normal now.

I have seen Televisions smashed, windows broken, however never a puppy put put though this before.. I really wonder how many unreported injuries happen by the WII.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sony Unveils Two New Personal Media Players

Sony showed two new model's of Walkmans at the Consumer Electronics Show in its latest effort to get its share of Apple's Personal music player market.

Sony's new Walkman X-Series sports a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen display and includes WiFi for downloading podcasts, streaming video from YouTube, and more. The X Series will be available early this summer in 16 GB and 32 GB capacities, with pricing yet to be determined.

Available in April, Sony's Walkman W Series features a cord-free design integrating the music player into the headset--a design meant to be lightweight and comfortable. The W series can fully charge its estimated 12-hour battery in only 30 minutes, while most other audio players take a few hours to recharge. The W Series wil be available in April with support for protected and unprotected WMA, as well as unprotected MP3 and AAC formats.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Samsung To Show Super Thin 7mm TV at CES

Samsung Electronics plans to show a flat-panel TV that's as thin as just 6.5-millimeters at this week's International CES in Las Vegas.

The Samsung TV, Here are some details which are immediately available, is between 6.5mm and 7mm across its width and has an LED backlight.

The backlight sits behind the LCD panel and generates the light that shines through it to allow the image to be seen. Most LCD panels use thicker backlights that make use of fluorescent lights but LEDs are fast finding favor with TV makers for their thinness and better overall light.

The Samsung TV will be at present to be the thinnest LCD TV yet demonstrated.

One thing I would like to point out once you have a television this thin you will have to encase it in something to protect it from breakage or mounting since its so fragile. So why worry about how thin it can be? No price info is available yet.