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Sunday, September 07, 2008

First Cyborg Arm Fitted To Terror Victim

A victim "Kira Mason" of the London bombings of July of 2005 has been fitted with a cyborg arm that fuses with her own bone and skin. The intricate procedure has been called "an incredible breakthrough."
Surgeons were able to fit the First Cyborg Arm fitted to the Victim by fusing a titanium alloy rod to her arm stump. The bone and the skin healed naturally around the alloy rod creating a protective seal. "The technique called amputation prosthesis intraosseous transcutaneous, or "Itap" is based on a reindeer's antlers, that grow through the skin without any problems." This prevents infection and eliminates the need for traditional strap and socket prosthesis. Battery-powered sensors allow the wearer to control the movement of her hand by flexing muscles in her upper arm.

What a great breakthrough for people that need to have an artificial limb installed