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Sunday, October 12, 2008

LG KC780 Ready For Release

The LG KC780 an amazing 8.0-megapixel camera phone. This 13.9mm thick slider comes with 2.4-inch display screen.

The LG KC780 camera phone uses a Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens is used for the camera with a maximum of 8.0-megapixel resolution and 1600 ISO. The Face detection feature's are simply amazing to the fact the camera automatically finds and focuses on people’s faces to take a clear and perfect shot. Part of this feature relies on the LG's KC780 Smile Detection technology, this smile detection will recognize the angle of people’s mouths and adjust focus for faces and a Beauty Mode will help in removing spots and imperfections on people’s faces. The camera even has built Image Stabilizer that will allow you to take clear and sharp photos even in shaky situations.

In addition, the LG KC780 can also be used as a webcam for online chat, no USB cable required, the phone will be connected to your gear via the phone’s Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth connection also allows you to send and read text messages via computer. The LG KC780 will be available in November.


LG KC780 said...

That face recognition thing definitely seems cool! Just hope it's not one of those fancy things that actually doesn't work that well - especially with LG!

2nd - I wonder if that USB cam thing would work with a Mac? Obviously not very useful as they already have their built-in iSight but could be handy for showing things without having to actually move the computer... TBC I guess :p