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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Archos 5 - 7 About To Be Released

The new Archos 5, Archos 7 sixth generation internet media tablets offer storage capacities upto 320GB with high res screens and just about every codec you’ll ever need , with plugin to cover the others

The Archos 5g adds in that 3.5 HSDPA data providing true on-the-go surfing and all three players sport WiFi as standard.

Sizes start off at 30GB for the Archos 5g, which runs a 800 x 480 4.8-inch touchscreen. The Archos 5 bumps that up to 60-250GB, while the Archos 7 does up 160GB and 320GB, with a 7-inch touchscreen that sadly matches the 5 series’ resolution exactly.

All three players can record VGA video through an optional DVR Station dock or the DVR snap-on accessory, and Archos will have plenty of other accessories in the offing as well.

As for player design, Archos has made considerable strides in thinness, with the Archos 7 at 0.63-inches thick, and the Archos 5 as slim as 0.5-inches, depending on drive size.