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Friday, July 11, 2008

Instantly Turn Your PC To A Mac

Ever wanted to convert a PC to a Mac? With the Efix USB adapter you can. This USB dongle by EFiX, that once you instal it on the motherboard of your PC will allow you to install the Mac Leopard OS X on your PC from a standard retail DVD.

This the Efix USB comes in two versions:
  1. Version 1 is the hand-made version that supports a few more mobos. Since it’s hand-made, there are 200 units of this version have been produced and they carry price tag of $125.
  2. Version 2 will be a mass-produced version, which is expected to be shipped a month later, and should cost cheaper than the version 1

The EFiX USB dongle is to be installed internally, which you need a vacant USB header on your motherboard. The device now has a limited number of hardware compatibility. Hardware such as nVidia is almost all supported, but for mobos, you can only find the Gigabyte in the list. The more detailed of the hardware compatibility list is here.

So far, the maker, EFiX has made deal with distributors in Taiwan and Bulgaria only, so it will only be available in those two countries for now. I wonder how Apple feels about this?