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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hurricane Wilma The Big Storm

I stood outside during the second half of hurricane Wilma under a deck sheltered from the gusts that were over 100 miles per hour. I watched as fences broke free and debris and tree limbs flew overhead and small wild animals looked to my spot for shelter with terror in their eyes to afraid of me to come in. I would have done them no harm.

Day after hurricane Wilma.. Relief efforts yeah, really? There was not enough ICE to go round we sat on many different lines four days in a row waiting for ice so our food would not rot just to be turned away when Ice ran out. Why was their not better communication? Why did someone in charge not call for more ice when the first truck was half empty? We wasted gas just sitting there waiting. We never did get ice from one of those trucks. Day 5
after hurricane Wilma we finely got ice at Albertsons who price gouged us. $21.50 for 12 small bags of ice. No power for over 13 days and finely got gas on day 11 after hurricane Wilma.

Gov. Bush,

There had be a better plan in the future for wide spread devastation. If the state cant handle helping people in a major hurricane such as
hurricane Wilma and give the assistance that we so dearly pay for with our much needed tax dollars. What are you going to do for us if we get two of these in a year? There needs to be better planning for AID to the citizens of the state in the future for hurricanes like Wilma and not just forcing gas stations to carry generators. You need to make sure that everyone gets the necessities needed to survive and not just a handful! I love the news showing relief efforts and saying how everyone was being helped.. What a crock you could not even get ice for all who needed it and just made a lot of people waste precious gas waiting in line just to be turned away!!!!!!!